NFL is a short name of the National Football League, which is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. In 1920, the NFL was established as the APFA (American Professional Football Association), and in 1966 merged with the AFL (American Football League ) then changed the name to NFL.
Since NFL formed in 1966, it divided between NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference) that consisted of 32 teams, and the first Super Bowl was started at the end of the season between the champions of NFC and AFC.
The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting events in North America and in the world, from the first Super Bowl event started in 1966, there were 19 teams gained their Super Bowl champions.
The teams who win the Super Bowls, that every team members will get a Super Bowl championship ring with his name on it, however, the rings are not for sell. For most of the football fans would like to collect these NFL Replica Championship Rings  as souvenirs or as gifts. is the company that manufactory high quality replica NFL championship rings and  Replica Super Bowl Championship Rings by many years. With very experienced designers and artificers, the Replica NFL Championship Rings  would give you a fantastic feelings that let you memorized the great moments of your favorite teams and players.

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What is the Championship ring with good quality looks like

Championship rings are a ring collectible memento to members of winning teams in North American professional sports leagues, and college tournaments such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL,NCAA.

Usually Championship rings are made of yellow or white gold with numbers of different shapes and colors of diamonds. On the rings it include the team name, logo, team members’ name and the championship number with Roman numerals such as NFL super bowl championship rings, or the years of the team winning the champions, for example MLB World Series championship rings and NHL Stanley cup Championship rings, as well as the NCAA championship rings

However, there is only one championship trophy is awarded by the league to the winning team and championship rings are distributed for the team players and team officials to keep for the victory. Depends on the cost of gold and diamonds, the championship rings would spend roughly 5,000US dollars for a piece, which is extremely expensive, and the rings are not selling to any individuals.

Replica Championship rings are based on the existing championship rings, made by cheaper materials and diamonds which is the most close to the “real” rings, that aims to let every fans could own and to share or memorize the victories of the teams that they deeply loved.

There are many replica championship rings on the market, and how does people justify the quality of these rings? There are several methods could help people to justify the qualities of the rings.

1. The championship rings with high quality should have a very good designs

The good designs is not simply just look like the “real” rings, it also depends on the shapes of rings, the colors and arrange of stones. When you get a championship ring or see a photos of a championship ring, first of all, you could check the shapes of the rings and stones, for most of the rings with low qualities, the lines on the rings are not clear and the arrange of the stones are looks mixed and disorderly.


2. The high quality replica championship rings choose high quality crystal instead of diamonds.

The most expensive parts of championship rings are diamonds and gold, so the high quality replica rings normally choose crystal instead diamond to make the ring has similar feels as the “real” ring, aims to lower the cost. However, the replica rings with low quality are choosing plastics as the stones. How do you find out the stones are made by crystal or plastic? There is a simply method, hold the ring and facing the sun or lights, high quality crystal would have beautiful bright shine, but the plastic stones without the shine or shine with dark.


3. The letters on high quality replica championship rings are clear and easy to see both on the top and the sides of the rings even some very small letters.

The high quality replica rings are normally use steel mould so the letters on the rings are very clear, and the process to make the steel moulds are complicated and expensive. Cerotype is wildly used for the low quality championship rings.

4. Weight

The replica championship rings have two different types on the market, solid and hollow. And for most of the rings on the market are solid, so we talk about the solid rings today. The weight of replica championship rings is another method to justify the quality of the rings.

The weight of high quality replica championship rings are normally over 60g and some big rings are over 100g even 120g, such as NFL 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl championship ring is over 75g, and NHL 2011 Boston Bruins is over 110g. Some smaller rings are also over 50g, for example NFL 1971 Dallas Cow Boys Super Bowl championship ring is 56g.

5. The material of high quality replica championship rings are choosing copper alloy to make the rings, which is environment friendly material. However, the low quality rings choose leaded alloy to make the rings. If you wear a leaded alloy rings for a long time, it would affect your health.

6. Electroplating is one of the most important parts for a replica ring, plating one time which is the common way to make the low quality replica rings, however, to make a better rings is to plate the ring at least two time, and plate the ring with three times is the top leveled rings.

7. How will you maintains your rings? There are 3 things you have to notice

First, keep the rings in dry place, and take it off when you have a shower or when you wash your hands. The ring is made by copper alloy, the water will oxidize the ring if you keep the ring in the wet conditions, and it would lost the gloss.

Second, avoid long time direct sunlight, it would affect the plating and let the ring fading, especially the ring with gold color.

Third, after wearing the rings, take it off and use cloth to wipe inside and outside of the ring, because the sweat is acid and it could corrode the plating.